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About Us
We, as Molen Catering, provide solution-oriented service regardless of time and place, and focus our dynamic structure on getting the best result. We, as a pioneering institution in implementing innovations,  bring the wide variety of flavors we have prepared with our professional staff to our customers. 

We, as Molen Catering,  brand the catering sector we serve with our professional staff, our specialized chefs, our meticulousness in terms of health conditions, hand flavor and high quality. The secret of this success is our principle of providing quality and healthy flavors to our customers from the first day we set out. Today, we continue our services with reference to these important principles. We continue to make a difference in the sector with our expert chefs who prepare our delicious and changing menus and our 100% customer satisfaction priority.

With this founding belief, we look at the sector from a broad perspective. We believe that one of the most important rights offered to the personnel employed by the institutions is eating and drinking. Because foods and beverages consumed during the day directly affect daily performance. Institutions that are aware of this give importance to eating and drinking activities. Aware of this sensitivity, we improve our business by achieving high quality standards in our services and making updates appropriate to our age.

We, as Molen Catering, offer transportation food, on-site production, Outside Catering, Fair-Stand Catering, Breakfast and Brunch, Cocktail, Coffee Break.


Transportation Meal Service
Transportation Meal Service is the type of service we provide for institutions that do not have facilities or industrial kitchens to produce food. When providing this service, our priority is to meet the needs and expectations of the organization in the most accurate way. Another important priority is the health of the customers we serve. We care equally about these two stages of health rules in terms of proper calorie intake and attention to hygiene rules. We pay attention to hygiene rules in the preparation and presentation of meals. Another important point is flavor. We are eager to brighten your day with the dishes prepared and offered by our expert chefs, the products we use in accordance with the season, and the delicious dishes that provide the energy you need.

We provide Transportation Meal Service to various institutions such as schools, construction sites, offices, factories and hospitals.

On-site Production Service
On-Site Production Service is the type of service we provide for our customers who have a food production facility or industrial kitchen. We assign our specialized chefs, waitresses, dietitian and food engineer to your kitchen or facility if requested. However, by paying attention to hygiene rules, we bring the seasonal products we store together with our team. We offer delicious meals prepared under the control of our food engineer and calorie measurements calculated by our dietician to your employees, management staff and guests. We are eager to conquer your palates with this service we provide.

We provide On-Site Production Service to various institutions such as schools, construction sites, offices, factories and hospitals.

Outside Catering Service
Outside Catering Service is the type of service we provide for outdoor invitations. When providing this service, we act on the principle that each invitation is exclusive to the owner. We design specialized foods and presentations for our customers. We assign our chefs, service personnel, and expert team responsible for the visual designs you want to prepare to your invitation. We are eager to be your sun in your outdoor invitations with this service we provide.

Among the services we provide; there are many services such as picnic dinner, wedding dinner, circumcision dinner, engagement dinner, birthday dinner, funeral dinner, yacht party dinner, opening dinner, seminar dinner, outdoor fair dinner.

Fair-Stand Catering Service
Fair-Stand Catering Service is the type of service we provide for daylong activities such as fairs and stands. With our professional staff and approach to needs, we ensure the necessary comfort and conditions for you and your guests. With this service we provide, we are eager to comfort and make you and your guests happy on fairs and booth days, which have an intense pace by nature. 

Breakfast - Brunch Service
Breakfast - Brunch Service is the type of service we provide for breakfast and brunch. A good breakfast is the best way to start the day. We are at your service with breakfast tables that we prepare in various presentations, whether for your daily functioning in your business, your special days or your business activities. We are eager to enlighten your sheriffs in the morning with our expert staff providing quality materials and good service.

Cocktail is the type of service we perform in an area determined by our customer or on request in an area prepared by us. We decorate the bistro tables to reflect the spirit of time. In parallel, we organize the ambience of the area. We prepare rich presentations with a wide range of snacks and drinks. We are eager to conquer hearts with cocktail designs and delicious snacks. 

Cocktail Prolounge Service
Cocktail Prolounge Service is the type of service we provide for our customers who want to offer more than cocktails to their guests for special invitations. We take organizations to a different dimension with delicious snacks, follow-on products and beverages. We offer enriched menus that appeal to the eyes with their presentations. We are eager to perfect your organizations.

Coffee Break Service
Coffee Break Service is the type of service we provide for meetings, seminars or internal/external organizations. Hot drinks consumed at small intervals given to an intense pace contribute to the elimination of mental fatigue. In addition to this additive, a hot drink that leaves a clear trace of flavor on the palate is almost invaluable. With our Coffee Break service, we enable you to take a small taste break to the intensity of your meetings, seminars and organizations. With this service, we are eager to relieve your fatigue and to give you some rest.